9 Guys You'll Meet On Dating Apps

It takes all kinds to make the world go around and the same applies for online dating. So, without further ado, here are 9 types of guys you may come across in your virtual dating adventures...


1. Mr Marriage Proposal

Doesn’t matter that you two have just started talking, this guy is going to get down on one virtual knee faster than you can say, “Umm we haven’t even met IRL”.


2. Mr Uses-Every-Line-In-The-Book

Sure, at first this guy will seem smooth... that is until you find a line he used on you featured on a listicle in Thought Catalog.


3. Mr Vanishing Act

When you first start interacting with this guy, you’ll think you’ve found your soulmate. Until of course, he stops replying your texts and seemingly disappears off the face of the earth.


4. Mr Catfish

Whether he’s used a really old photo or someone else’s photo completely, this guy clearly has self-esteem issues.


5. Mr Where’s Wally

Scrolling through the endless group photos in this guy’s profile is going to have you praying, “please, please be the hot one”. SPOILER ALERT: he won’t be.


6. Mr Shirtless-Mirror-Selfie

This just guy wants to grace us with the results of all those bench presses, protein shakes, missed nights out and chicken breasts. How valiant…


7. Mr Bully

This guy takes the notion of “if he’s being mean to you, it means he likes you” to heart. He’s still unaware as to why every girl he’s talked to has blocked him after only a day...


8. Mr Absolutely-No-Chill

If you don’t reply to this guy within 0.3 seconds, he’ll continue to bombard you with messages hoping you’ll eventually break. Either that or he’ll just throw a good old-fashioned temper tantrum.


9. Mr Jekyll and Hyde

This guy will be as sweet as jalebi to you and then suddenly throw a spanner in the works. Whether that spanner is a dick pic or a request for nudes, it’s not a nice surprise.

Well, there you go. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have to interact with a few of these guys. Even if it’s more than a few don’t despair. After all, you have to kiss (or swipe down on) a few toads before finding Mr Right.

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