Cliche Dating Advice You Need to Hear

Trying to give new relationship and dating advice is kind of like trying to reinvent the wheel. There’s absolutely nothing that can be said that hasn’t already been said. So, rather than trying to come up with never seen before dating advice, I’m going to be revisiting some tried and tested gems that most of us just refuse to grasp...


Be patient

In this world of immediate gratification, it makes sense that a lot of us choose to ignore this particular piece of advice. However, the result of our ignorance is a deep seated frustration that we feel when things don’t move at a pace that is fast enough for us. What we don’t realise (or choose not to realise) is that falling in love takes time. We think that seeing a person across a crowded room can result in love but it doesn’t. That, my friend, is just lust. I say this on the basis that it is impossible to fall in love with someone without knowing an ounce of information about them. What you’re feeling is purely physical, not emotional. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting the power of that initial attraction. I’m just saying that it’s just that, an attraction and not love. So go ahead, go up to that person you saw across the room and get to know them. Take your time with it and you may very well fall in love.


Just be honest

I don’t know who created the rule that we needed to “play it cool” and “act aloof” when we’re dating someone, but I’m putting an end to that right now by declaring that when it comes to relationships and dating, just be honest! Want to make dating a less confusing and less frustrating process? Start being honest! Want to finally get what you want out of your relationships? Just be honest! Look, the gist of it is that people (at least most people) are not telepathic and can’t read your mind. So, the best way to get a point across to someone, whether it’s you wanting a deeper committed or you wanting to just keep things casual, is just to tell them. Because honestly, they won’t figure it out any other way. Remember the age old classic, honesty is the best policy!


Stop worrying about how things look

This little nugget of wisdom is specifically meant for everyone living within the social media generation. What I’ve noticed is that people have become exhibitionists thanks to the presence of platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Everyone is so concerned with displaying every facet of their lives through carefully chosen filters. Unfortunately, relationships don’t escape this exhibitionism. What happens is that people get so caught up with how their relationships look on the surface that they don’t bother to really take the time and energy to nurture it outside of social media. I knew a couple once that looked absolutely perfect on Instagram and Facebook, (with multiple lovey dovey photos and posts) but behind the scenes they were incredibly toxic for one another. So don’t trust everything you see on social media and don’t worry so much about how your relationship looks to other people. As long as you and your partner are genuinely happy, who cares what everyone else thinks?


So, there you go. The reason the above pieces of advice seem cliched is because they are! But that doesn’t mean they’re any less valid. Afterall, cliches didn’t become cliches for no reason.

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