Struggles Only South Asians Living in Western Countries Understand

1. Having to force yourself to call your non-South Asian elders by their first names

And fighting with every fiber of your being not to call them Aunty or Uncle.

2. Not wanting your friends/friend’s parents/boss/basically anyone else paying for your half of the check

And the eternal shame you feel when they insist and won’t take no for an answer.

3. Having to be ok with wearing shoes in a home

It feels so wrong.

4. People assuming you know every other South Asian they know

No, I don’t know your second cousin’s, best friend’s brother Hardip.

5. Baristas and basically everyone else, but mostly baristas never getting your name right

Like ever.

6. No food you get outside of home is nearly spicy enough

But you thank god for Sriracha and chili flakes.

7. People assuming that English is your second language

And they follow up with, “you speak English so well though”.

8. People asking you to say something in your native tongue


9. Everyone assuming you’re an expert at maths and science

But you need calculators and Google just as much as everyone else does.

10. Never being able to find your favourite foods

But when you do, you stuff your face till you feel sick.

11. Having to explain all the awesome holidays and customs to your non South Asian friends

We have so many.

12. Watching your friends’ reactions to Mumma’s amazing homemade food

And watching Mumma feed them until they can’t move.

13. Knowing we’re awesome and that these “struggles” are just what makes our lives that much more interesting


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