17 Ways to Up Your Dating Game in 2017


One month into 2017 and perhaps it’s time to give your online dating game a bit of a refresher. Here we go...


1. Update your profile

New year, new you right? Keep that in mind while you’re refreshing your profile! Get rid of any pictures or information that no longer represents who you are.


2. Be proactive and actually meet people

If you’re just swiping on endless apps and never meeting anyone in person, you may as well just be window shopping. Be proactive! Go on actual IRL dates with the people you’re interested in!


3. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Yes, dating apps are mostly based on looks and looks alone, but there’s a reason you are asked to fill out an extensive profile! At least have a read through their profile before dismissing them.


4. Say something interesting

Whether it’s in your profile or in a personal message, make sure you’re saying something memorable (not some copy/paste pick up line you read on Buzzfeed).


5. Be honest with yourself and with others

If you want a serious relationship, be honest and upfront about it. This way you are being proactive about catching the attention of the right kinds of people.


6. Be positive

Whether that’s about your body, your relationships, or your life, just think positive! Resist the urge to talk down about yourself on your profiles to try and fish for compliments.


7. Just keep dating

So your last try didn’t exactly go the way you planned, get up and dust yourself off. Don’t give up, just give it another go!


8. Stop pressuring yourself

When it comes to online dating, the best motto to have is to “go with the flow”. It’s not necessary to feel bad if an attraction isn’t mutual or a match drops off.


9. Don’t pressure anyone else

If someone doesn’t respond to your messages or doesn’t want to meet you IRL, just leave it be. If you try to pressure them to respond to you, you’ll just end up looking way too aggressive.


10. Stop it with the group photos

We get that you are a social butterfly and have a lot of friends, but dating apps are not the place to display your #FriendshipGoals. For the best results, always include a close up of your face along with a full body shot!


11. Be aware of timing

The best times to reach out to people vary from dating app to dating app but generally people are the most active between 5pm and 10pm. So aim to send out messages at those times for optimum results.


12. Use emojis

It can be very hard to convey tone through text, so the best way to do it is to use emojis! While you shouldn’t go overboard with them, use them to reflect your tone. If you’re being playful, it couldn’t hurt to throw in a playful emoji or two.


13. Be yourself

Stop trying to be who you think everyone is looking for! Be who you actually are and you will find a more genuine connection.


14. Be quick to respond

If someone you’re interested in shows interest in you, respond quickly! Don’t play some kind of game by waiting a few days because chances are, someone is going to swoop in and steal your match!


15. Make the first move

If you’ve matched with someone and they haven’t messaged you yet, don’t overthink it and just make the first move! This counts for meeting someone IRL as well.


16. Be open to different types of people

Truth be told, none of us really know exactly what we want in a partner. Even when we think we do, we don’t. So, be open to the possibility of people who don’t exactly fall into your typical type.


17. Improve your social media game as well

Make sure to show off your personality and interests on your other social profiles as well. You know why? Because your matches will do their research on you!

There you go, here’s wishing you a fruitful and romantic 2017!

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