Advice You Need Before You Date Online


It can be a nerve wrecking thing whenever you start any new phase in your life, and starting your online dating adventure is no different. It can feel like you’re stumbling around in the dark unsure of which way is up. So instead of freaking out and giving up completely, let this article be your guide to the amazing wilderness that is dating online…


Don’t swipe for the sake of swiping

On any dating app ever, there is a trend of both men and women swiping “yes” on everyone they see. They don’t bother looking through their profile photos let alone reading their entire bios to test out their true compatibility. They just swipe till they can’t swipe anymore (see: swipe addiction). While I will agree that online dating is a numbers game, it is about swiping “yes” on everyone you are genuinely interested in; keyword here being genuinely. So, the moral of the story is that you need to get to know the basics of who you’re swiping “yes” to; go through their photos and read their bios, they’re there for a reason.


Avoid the online safety net

Don’t fall into the trap of your online fling just remaining an online fling. If you guys have been speaking and getting along for awhile, schedule to meet up in real life. I say this because sometimes people are only compatible through a computer or phone screen and all that compatibility is lost in translation in real life. So, if this is the case for you, wouldn’t you want to know sooner rather than later and not waste either of your time?


Learn to say no

So you’ve gone on a real life date with someone you met online, they’re more into it than you are, and they’ve ask you for a second date. What do you do? Do you say yes for the sake of being polite or do you just nip it in the bud to avoid further dismay? If the answer is the former, you need to start respecting your own time and feelings. Look, you’re not going to like everyone you go out with and it’s better to be honest with them than to drag things out longer than necessary. Do the right thing and end it. For the sake of everyone.


So there you go, heed this advice and you’ll be navigating the wilds of dating online in absolutely no time! And don’t forget to register for the best dating app ever, Jodi!