Why you really shouldn't pay for functionality...

Have you noticed a trend happening in the dating app world lately? Where users are asked to pay for extra, or sometimes even basic functionality. This trend, although quite unsettling to those of us who live direct debit to direct debit, seems to have been taken up by both the big players of online dating as well as the smaller niche apps. And what’s even more unsettling is that more and more people are actually willing to pay real money for something they could literally do for free! Perhaps it’s because they are convinced by articles like this one from Match.com (forget for a second that Match is the parent company to a multitude of premium dating apps). SO without further ado I’d like to propose a few reasons why you really shouldn’t be paying for dating app functionality...   


You’re paying real money for something intangible

Sorry to burst your bubble but when you pay for “premium” functionality on your dating app, be that for more swipes or endless messaging, you’re really just paying for a marginally higher chance at finding love (and that’s being generous). There’s a reason why apps never guarantee that you’ll definitely find the one if you pay for their service. It’s because they literally cannot ensure that you will find exactly what you’re looking for on their app. It would be called false advertising. So if you want to save some dosh, stick to the free dating apps.


You’re buying into the misconception that paid apps only attract real prospects

The truth of the matter is, all apps regardless of whether they are premium, freemium, or plain old free of charge, will have their fair share of people just looking to hook up. The reason for this is because these apps (unless stated) are not specifically for people looking for one type of relationship. Keep this in mind, if you are willing to pay money to find someone to start a relationship with, you can bet that there’s someone somewhere who’s willing to do the same for a one night stand.  


There is no longer a special algorithm to find love

Don’t let the long questionnaires fool you, there is no special, mystical, unicorn formula to finding love. It’s called personality, patience, and timing. You can pay for all the premium dating apps in the world but if you’re as exciting as a brick wall and expect to fall in love on your first date, you’re still going to be in for a world of disappointment.

So, there you have it! Start the revolt and stop paying for dating app functionality! Join Jodi instead and you’ll get unlimited swipes, chats, and swipe backs, all completely free of charge! Yes, I’m serious! All for free! What are you waiting for? Go on! Sign up!