How Online Dating is Basically Online Shopping


It is safe (and almost an understatement) to say that the internet has changed our lives. What used to be a place exclusive to research and development has now bled into literally every facet of daily life. When we look at the ease of which we have access to things and people, it’s easy to see the parallels between online dating and online shopping...

1. You can do it in your pyjamas

… in the comfort of your own home, with tea brewing, and your favourite Netflix series streaming. Online dating, like it’s shopping counterpart, is usually an activity carried out during the most unproductive and relaxing moments of your day. For some, it has become the easiest, most time-conserving way of socialising, dating, or just getting to know random people.


2. It requires little to no monetary or emotional commitment

Ever receive one of those “you abandoned your cart” emails from your favourite online store? Well, it’s a good thing dating apps don’t send out similar notifications. Can you imagine the subject line; “You swiped up on (insert name here) two days ago and have yet to start a conversation”. Sometimes you just want to shop around for options, you know?


3. Sometimes you have buyer’s/swiper’s remorse

Do you have a pile of clothes with tags still on them collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe? Chances are you’ll also have matches on your dating apps that you’ve ghosted out on. Whether it’s because you accidentally matched, lost interest, or simply realised (after the fact) that they weren’t the right fit, thank your lucky stars that dating apps don’t have a lengthy returns process on botched matches.


4. Getting what/who you want becomes tonnes easier

Gone are the days of battling crazed shoppers in frenzied malls or dealing with real life competition eyeing the same person at a crowded bar. Thanks to the internet, we can get what we want or start speaking to whom we want at a touch of a button or a swipe of a screen!

Well there you have it, whether your online dating experience is more Romwe than Asos, I think it’s safe to say it’s a fun and easy way to waste some time. So what are you waiting for? Come kill some time with Jodi. Register today!