What Dating Should Be... and what it shouldn't

The word “dating” means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, it means a long term commitment that will eventually lead to marriage. For others, it can mean a casual fling you enter into with no expectations and sometimes, no strings attached. Whatever your take on dating might be, here are a few things that it should and shouldn’t feel like across the board…


1. Dating should be fun... not an obligation.

It doesn’t matter what age or gender you are, there is no time in your life when dating should feel like something you have to do. Dating should feel like a hobby, not a job; something you enter into because it is fun and exciting, not because you’ve “come of age”.


2. Dating should be easy… not a chore.

If you feel like you have to work really hard to make a relationship work and like it’s a chore, then you know you’re not seeing the right person. Dating should feel natural and not forced. When you and the person you’re seeing are on the same page, dating should just feel comfortable.


3. Dating should be empowering... not exhausting.

Through getting to know someone else, you also get to know yourself; your likes, dislikes, what makes you tick, and what doesn’t. And as you get to know yourself, you should feel free to be who you are and not feel like everything you do will be scrutinised and judged by the person you’re seeing.


4. Dating should be exciting... not mundane.

Whether you’ve been seeing this person for a week or a while, dating should still be exciting. Now, I’m not saying that you’ll have the same kind of excitement three years on as you did when you first started dating, but it shouldn’t feel boring. Just because you’re comfortable with someone that doesn’t mean that you can never be excited by them again. Try doing something new to keep the magic alive.


5. Dating should be your choice… not someone else’s.

You should never enter into a courtship that was not your choice. Whether you were convinced by your parents, your peers, or even the person themselves to start a relationship, a courtship founded by persuasion almost never ends well. The reason being that deep down you know the reasons you don’t want to be with this person, and trying to convince yourself otherwise will only delay the inevitable.


Basically, when it comes to knowing what dating should feel like, the only thing that really matters is how it makes you feel. Afterall, the only person your dating choices affect is you… well, and the person you’re dating. Haven’t found that person yet? Register for Jodi now!