How to Build an Attractive Dating Profile

So you’ve been on just about every dating site or app out there and you just aren’t getting the kind of attention you crave. You swipe up/ swipe right/ like/ message every person you’re attracted to but only a small margin of them reciprocate. You just haven’t been able to attract the one. While there might be many factors that contribute to this phenomena, one thing you can control and change to your advantage is your online dating profile. Take a good hard look at it. Is it generic? Does it show that you actually have a personality? Are any of your pictures more than 2 years old? These are just a few things you have to consider when building an attractive dating profile. Want to learn more? Read on…


Let’s start with the profile picture

Depending on which app/site you’re on, the likelihood of your profile picture being the first thing any prospect sees is quite high. That is why you need to put a lot of thought into which pictures you choose to represent you. It is highly recommended that you post more than one photo of yourself; one where your face is highly visible, one full body shot, and one with you and your buddies. While I am a big believer in not judging a book by it’s cover, I cannot deny the fact that the cover is what attracts me to pick up the book in the first place. Keep this in mind when choosing your photos.


“About Me” is all about you

Let that be your mantra when you’re composing your “About” section. Stay clear from anything generic (i.e. “I love long walks on the beach with the one I love”) unless you want to seem like the most boring person on earth. I know it can be hard to write about yourself especially if you’re an introvert but there’s a trick to it. Write as if you were speaking to someone right in front of you; introducing yourself, your likes, dislikes and interests. It can be tempting to list these down in bullet points but that doesn’t reveal much about your personality. Try instead to write in conversational short paragraphs. And don’t forget to sprinkle in your own personal brand of humour!


Lastly, talk about what you’re looking for

Make sure you’re being particular without being too specific. The reasoning behind this is because you want any prospect to be able to envision themselves with you. If you paint too specific a picture of who it is you’re looking for, you’re bound to scare off some pretty awesome candidates. Try to mention more personality traits rather than physical traits; while you want to match with someone you’re physically attracted to, you don’t want to seem like a douche while you’re at it. Just remember to be open and honest.


Remember that your profile is the only thing that your dating prospects have to go by. You want them to be able to put a face to name and have a sense of who you are as a person. Follow these simple tricks, sign up for Jodi and before you know it, awesome people will be flocking to you.