How Social Media is Ruining Our Relationships

It is no surprise that social media is taking its toll on our romantic relationships. It’s making our hookups and breakups so much more accessible and public, and it’s putting so much more pressure on us as individuals. Need more convincing? Here are six reasons social media is ruining our relationships...


We’re never truly alone

Picture this, you’re on a date with your significant other in a fancy restaurant and things are going great, and then… you hear a ping. An hour later you’re both still on your phones, texting your friends, scrolling through instagram, checking your notifications, and haven’t said one word to each other. Sound familiar? Although social media has created a degree of connectivity we have never ever seen before, it’s simultaneously making us miss out on real-life connections with real people.



I mean, who even created this trend? When did it become okay to obsessively compare your relationships to those of complete strangers you’ve stumbled upon online? Don’t get me wrong, it is great to have goals within a relationship (i.e. buying a house together, or committing to that puppy). The problem arises only when we see highly stylised and posed #RelationshipGoals photos as the overall norm that all real-life relationships should adhere to.


There’s nothing left to say

Ever wonder why you have absolutely nothing to say to your significant other after a long day apart? It’s probably due to the fact that you both scroll through each other’s social feeds all day while constantly speaking to each other on multiple instant messenger apps. As they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” but with the presence of social media, absence is a very difficult thing to achieve.


Oversharing overkill

The beauty of being in a relationship is having someone special to share the most intimate, private details of your life with. But now, with social media, everybody overshares everything and you can get emotional support and admiration from literal strangers online. As a result, sharing these details with your partner significantly loses its value.


We crave more attention

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about craving attention from your partner. It only becomes a problem when we crave the same level of attention that we get from the multiple people we engage with on social media. Think about it, how can one person possibly compete with a whole laundry list of friends and followers? Short answer: they can’t.


The past is harder to let go of

Because we have and lose relationships in the age of social media, there is so much digital evidence left over from relationships past. This then plays a big role in the insecurity of future partners as they find themselves constantly comparing your current relationships with the ones prior. What makes it even worse is when your ex is a drama llama who likes and leaves comments on everything you post just to get a rise out of your current love.

So there you have it. Now, get off your phones and start giving your significant other that real-life loving that they deserve! Don’t have a significant other yet? Then get back on your phone and register for Jodi now!