Dear Techies, This is Why You Can't Get a Date

It seems a little counterintuitive that in a world populated with endless dating sites and apps, that the people who live and breathe tech can’t find love. But unfortunately, that seems to be the case. The tech industry is ever-expanding and so are the dating woes of techies and people who date them. The question is, why? Why are some of the brightest minds of our world not finding (or maintaining) good relationships? Perhaps this little list could shed some light on things…


Techies are incredibly dedicated…

To their work, that is. The general consensus for people who have dated techies is that they are constantly glued to their laptops. This isn’t their fault as the nature of their work demands that they be connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; you can’t build the next big startup working a 9 to 5 day. Unfortunately, the result of this eager dedication is that anyone who dates a techie will always play second fiddle to their work.


Techies tend to work in male-centric environments…

And it is because of this boy’s club that they don’t tend to be used to being around women, and thus don’t know how to act around them either. Generally, they fall somewhere on a scale between the stereotypical socially awkward male, all the way to the “brogrammer” side of the spectrum. What this means is that they’re either extremely shy and reserved around women, or they adopt a very “fratty” approach towards them. Either way, not great.  


Techies tend to be know-it-alls…

I suppose it comes with the territory of being incredibly intelligent. And while a few fun facts here and there can be charming, constantly being corrected and lectured can get very old very fast.


It’s not all doom and gloom though. According to a multitude of lifestyle magazines, dating techies is becoming the new in thing; mostly thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and Emma Watson (who has/is dated/dating a techie). There are many attributes techies have that are actually incredibly attractive and can be used for their romantic benefit…


They’re very intelligent

I don’t care what anyone says, being able to have an intelligent conversation with someone is very sexy. Knowing that techies will have more to talk about than just the goings about of the Kardashians is a major plus! And think of all tech slang you’ll learn in the process!


They don’t give up easily

You don’t go into the world of startups without a tonne of tenacity, that’s for sure. If techies channeled that tenacity into their love lives, the romantic possibilities are endless.


They’ve not always been hot

So they won’t act like it. They’re the people that mostly kept to themselves in school and were never a part of the “cool” crowd. Because of this they’re most likely more human and down to earth when it comes to dating.


They’re stable and self-sufficient

Techies are a very hot commodity right now, and because of this companies pay them well. Although money is not everything, we have to admit that knowing your partner can support themselves, and maybe pay for dinner once in awhile is a major plus.

So whether you’re a techie looking for love, or a non-techie looking to find yourself a tech hottie, register for Jodi today!