How to Stop being a Dating Noob

Still finding your dating life a bit lacking? Not getting the responses you want on your multiple online profiles? Sounds to me, like you are a dating noob. It’s ok, everybody started somewhere, and you’re going to start here. Let these simple tips be your guide to the big bad world of online dating…


It’s about the sell

Yes, your job is super geeky and you’re really into LoL, but writing just that on your online dating profile probably won’t get you anywhere. So, put a little spin to it. Say something along the lines of “I have a prosperous, rewarding job and I am a professional gaming enthusiast” instead. Remember to be honest in your profile and don’t over embellish. The end goal here is to attract like-minded people to the real you, not the made up version of you.


Be creative

Instead of bombarding a whole bunch of people with the same “sup?” message, spend time actually reading their profiles and learning a bit about them. If you find similarities, great! If you don’t, mention something they do that you wish you did. Messages that are well crafted and not copy/pasted are way more likely to get responses. Extra tip: Make sure to be respectful, as messages like “6/10, would bang” will definitely not get you your desired result.


Don’t be shy

If you like the look of someone’s profile, send them a message! There’s no point being shy because, honestly, the worst thing that could happen is that they don’t reply. And if they don’t, on to the next one. That, my friend, is the beauty of online dating. Don’t let rejection from one person crush your spirits. As they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Remember, it’s a numbers game; the more messages you send out, the more likely you’ll get a response.


Be patient

So you’ve got a response from an awesome person and you’re over the moon. You want to meet up with them as soon as possible so you can begin your lives and make beautiful babies together…but hold up! Be patient! People you meet (especially online) tend to be skeptical and approach things with caution, so don’t be surprised if they don’t want to go on a date with you right off the bat. Give them time and chat with them regularly so they can begin to trust you and actually want to meet you.  


Be presentable

You did it! You’ve scored a date with the person of your dreams! Now what? Well, don’t show up to the date looking sloppy. Make sure to dress well and smell nice. Yes, I said smell nice; as we all know, smell can either be a major turn on, or a major turn off, and you’ll want to aim for the former. Don’t forget to compliment your date on how they look; stick to “you look gorgeous”, as it works a lot better than “you look hot”.

There you go my friend, follow these simple rules and soon you’ll find your novice dating status being upgraded to pro! And once you’re a pro, don’t forget to show off your skills on Jodi!