What Not to do When Meeting the Family

Meeting your partner’s family can be incredibly daunting the first time (and a few times after that). It’s a situation that puts a lot of stress on you and therefore, requires some form of preparation. Now, I’m sure you already know what you should do (i.e. be polite, bring a gift, dress appropriately, etc), so here’s a quick list covering what you shouldn’t do…


DON’T be late

First impressions are everything, and waltzing in an hour late will not leave a good one. Even if it’s your partner that’s causing the delay, make it your sole mission to be there on time. Crack the whip if you have to!


DON’T be on your phone

I know in this age of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, it can very tempting to hide behind your phone or use it as your security blanket. But it should go without saying that when you’re meeting your partner’s family, you should probably leave the notifications for later and pay 100% attention to them.


DON’T be touchy feely

It’s awesome that you love your partner and you just want to squeeze their face any chance you get but in this situation, you should probably keep your hands to yourself. This is extremely important to note especially if your partner’s family is uber conservative. Here’s more PDA etiquette you should follow.


DON’T drink too much

If the family offers you a drink go ahead and have one… not one hundred. While a little liquid courage won’t hurt you, being absolutely sloshed will. If being disrespectful is not enough to keep you away from the alcohol, imagine the embarrassing stories that could come back to haunt you in the future.


DON’T be overly controversial

While it’s great to spark up some friendly debate, learn when to back down. Show your partner’s family that you’re an awesome person with genuine interests but make sure to keep it respectful. If the conversation gets heated, it’s best to back away and accept defeat.


DON’T argue with your partner

Regardless of what’s going on with your partner, it’s best to keep it between you two when you’re with his family. While you can always approach your partner’s family for advice in the future, bickering with your partner when you’re just meeting them is not ideal.


DON’T overshare

While it’s great to let your partner’s family get to know you, you should probably keep the stories about your drunken nights out to yourself. Make sure to keep all your stories PG until you’ve gotten to know the family more and are able to gauge whether or not it’s a good idea.


DON’T complain

Nobody wants to think that the person their child is dating is high maintenance, so try your best to keep complaints to a bare minimum. If there is something you’re not comfortable with, tell your partner and his family politely, don’t make a big deal out of it.


DON’T get involved with family drama

You can have your opinions but for now, keep them to yourself. Your job when meeting the family is to be as neutral as Switzerland. Stay on the fence, that fence is your home! Nod politely and signal to your partner to change the topic quickly.

So there you go! We all know how important his/her family’s opinion of you is so, stay away from these no-no’s and you’ll be impressing the family in no time!