50 Things to Do While Everyone Else is Getting Married and Having Babies

Are you at that age where every time you scroll through your social media feeds you’re bombarded by engagement announcements, wedding photos, pregnancy sonograms, or even newborn baby pictures all posted by people your age or younger? Does it make you feel sad, confused, angry, or even a little bit left out? Well fear no more! Here is a list of 50 things to do when everyone else is getting married and having babies…


  1. Go on an adventure; be it a round-the-world trip or a crazy night out.

  2. Take a deep dive into your career; because when else would be a better time?

  3. Leave your boring, unsatisfying job; not like there’s anyone dependent on you.

  4. Start a passion project; you never know where that could lead!

  5. Travel; go somewhere less than family-friendly.

  6. Learn new skills; take random classes like organic vegan pottery or something.

  7. Get a degree (or three); especially if you live in a country that subsidises higher education.

  8. Go on a lot of dates; because dates are fun!

  9. Meet a lot of different people; meet them on dates (boom, two birds).

  10. Fall in love (more than once); because getting your heart broken is a rite of passage.

  11. Go out with the girls/boys; paint the town red!

  12. Go international with the girls/boys; because you all need a getaway, let’s be honest.

  13. Get in the best shape of your life; before gravity takes over.

  14. Spend more time with your parents; because they’re the reason you even exist.

  15. Treat your parents to a nice meal; whether that’s a homecooked meal or an extravagant 3 Michelin star one, treat them because they deserve it.

  16. Bake a cake; then eat the whole damn cake.

  17. Try out a Pinterest DIY; and fail miserably at it.

  18. Binge watch Netflix; while you binge eat your favourite junk food.

  19. Explore your city; walk around all day without worrying about anyone whining.

  20. Get drunk on cheap wine; because why not?

  21. Get drunk on ridiculously expensive alcohol; because why not?

  22. Try your hand at slam poetry; because you like yelling.

  23. Learn a new language; because it expands your brain.

  24. Read philosophy; because the world as it is just isn’t good enough.

  25. Watch a foreign film; before you’re roped into watching everything Pixar or Disney ever made for the remainder of your life.

  26. Reread your favourite books.

  27. Rewatch your favourite movies.

  28. Reminisce about high school; then feel sad that you don’t have as many friends, and feel happy because you don’t look like that anymore.

  29. Make mistakes; because honestly how bad can they be at this age.

  30. Write a letter to your past self; because hindsight is always 20/20.

  31. Write a letter to your future self; put it away and only read it in 10 years to see how much has changed.

  32. Save your money; because there are no diapers to pay for!

  33. Spend your money; because there are no diapers to pay for!

  34. Go on a solo holiday; because who’s a better holiday buddy than you?

  35. Pamper yourself; because honestly, you deserve it.

  36. Move to a different city/state/country/continent; because moving more than one person gets a lot more complicated.

  37. Watch 16 and Pregnant reruns; and thank your lucky stars you beat teen pregnancy.

  38. Be celibate; because you can!

  39. Sleep in on weekends; because there are no pee-wee soccer practices to get to.

  40. Wake up early on the weekends; because there’s so many fun things to do!

  41. Buy an expensive piece of furniture; because no one’s around to ruin it.

  42. Eat sugary cereal meant for children; because you need to feed your inner child.  

  43. Eat a tonne of sushi and sashimi; because you can.

  44. Go to Disneyland and ride all the rides; because you’re tall enough.

  45. Try out for a reality show; because you’re young and beautiful (whoop whoop)

  46. Run a marathon; bonus points if it’s an international one.

  47. Go out every weekend; because you deserve it!

  48. Stay in every weekend; because you deserve it!

  49. Be young and reckless; because you are young and reckless.

  1. Install and try out every dating app ever; but make Jodi your priority when it comes out!