4 Ways to have a Happy Relationship for Longer

The beginning stages of a relationship are arguably the best parts of being with someone. You’re both all lovey-dovey, every day together is amazing, and everything just feels rights. But as time goes by, it is inevitable that you will come across some challenges within your relationship, and that life with your partner will seem a lot less rosy. It is how you behave at this point of every relationship that determines whether it will become a long-term romance or a short-lived tryst. So, if you want your relationship to last beyond the honeymoon stage, try incorporating these 4 practices in your life...


Have different hobbies

Are there little things you used to do before you were in your relationship that you don’t do as much anymore? Like binge watching a trashy show, going to art galleries, cross-stitching, or basically any habit or hobby that has fallen by the wayside since you starting seeing your partner. Look, codependence is awesome and doing things together is awesome, but remember that age old adage, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”? Having separate hobbies can actually help you have a stronger relationship. Keep that in mind as you take a day to just be yourself by yourself.


Don’t pause your life

On that note, make sure to not abandon your pre-relationship life altogether! Don’t fall into a couple bubble and let friendships or your relationship with your family wither just because you want your newfound romance to blossom. A partner should be someone whose presence complements your life, not detracts it. Make sure you don’t lose sight of the life goals you had set for yourself prior to your relationship, and encourage your partner to continue pursuing theirs.


Don’t micromanage their lives

Having said that you should encourage them to chase their passions, you shouldn’t be overly pushy about it, because that can get super annoying super quickly. Look, I get it, you want what’s best for your partner and that’s why you’re pushing them in what you think is the best direction for them, but it’ll be very hard for your partner to see it that way. After all, you’re their partner not their parent. They’ll just end up feeling suffocated and controlled and eventually, they’ll start pulling away from you. Next thing you know, it’s “bye-bye happy relationship”.


Take care of yourself

Yes, this includes your mental, physical and emotional state. It’s easy to lose track of yourself and how you’re feeling when you’re swept up in a new romance. But if you allow yourself to let go of all aspects of your health, you’re putting yourself on the fast-track to becoming deeply unhappy. If you’re expecting your partner to be the sole provider and source of your happiness, you’re going to cause premature strain on the relationship. So, take the time to take care of yourself, whether that means going for pilates or having a good cry, there are just some aspects of your well-being that need to be done independently.


So there you have it folks, remember, a relationship is all about bringing two lives together harmoniously and not disrupting your whole way of life. Use these ways to find balance and hopefully it will lead to a long, fulfilling and happy relationship for both of you. And when you’re all up in happy-couple-bliss, don’t forget to tell your single friends to check out Jodi! Don’t be selfish.