Fit Dates; the latest dating craze

Driven by young singles looking for a healthier alternative to the bar and club scene, fit dates are taking the world by storm. And no it’s not all stinky gyms and endless track and field; think fun active dates like rock climbing, paintball, spin class and the works! While being sweaty on a date may not seem conducive to creating romance, experts say that endorphins released while being active can actually bring two people closer together. Plus what better way to multitask than to get fit while you get to know people? Need more convincing? Here are a few more reasons why Fit Dates should be a part of your routine…


Variety is the spice of working out

No, going on a fit date doesn’t mean you have to take your love interest to your local gym. Instead think outside the box and redefine your meaning of “working out”. Depending on the pace you and your date are comfortable with, get tangled up with them in a partner yoga class, or let your inner child run (or jump) wild at indoor trampoline parks. The choices really are unlimited when it comes to fitness dates! Some dates don’t even require entry or class fees; think hiking!


You can multitask

Finding it hard to find time in your schedule to fit in a workout on top of everything else you have to do? Well, fit dates might just be the solution to all your problems! Think about it, even if your date ends up going bust, by getting a workout in, at least you won’t feel like you completely wasted your time.


Endorphins actually work

Thanks to your good friend, Endorphins, any kind of physical activity will give you a feel-good rush that will last a long time after you finish working out. According to experts, just a mere 20 minutes of exercise can leave you feeling amazing for a whopping 12 hours after the fact. By sharing this feel-good mood with a potential love interest, you might even become closer and more attached to them.


You’ll find yourself a fitness buddy

If you find a love interest that’s as keen on a fitness date as you are, it’s more likely that you both would be interested in common things other than your choice of date activity. Think about it, if you’re both into fitspiration, you’ll likely share the same interests in eating healthy and general wellbeing as well. So in a way, fitness dates can be a sort of litmus test for the chemistry between you and your date.

So there you have it, whether or not you’re going to jump on the fitness date bandwagon, it’s safe to say that there are definitely tonnes of benefits for both your health and social wellbeing. Bonus points, you can get hotter by going on more dates; that’s a win-win to me. Extra bonus points; find someone to take on your next fit date with Jodi!