5 Great Melbourne Date Ideas


Calling all Melbournites! Is your dating routine getting a little mundane? Sick and tired of the same old dinner and drinks? Ready to try something new on the dating front? Then this is the list for you! Next time you’re planning a date in one of the most liveable cities in the world, try one of these...


Hit up a Food Festival

Melbourne is well renowned for it’s foodie culture and as a result, it’s many, many, MANY food festivals! From Italian Night to Asian Noodle Markets, to Vegan Feasts and Gluten-Free Fests, Melbourne has it all for anyone of any dietary persuasion. So whatever the dietary requirements of your date, take them out for some food festival folly!


Get a little Artsy

Need a budget friendly date? Head over to the National Gallery of Victoria! It’s free entry into their permanent exhibits every single day of the year. And if you and your date get a little peckish, stop by one of their four dining options. If you’re up for something a little louder and a lot more lively, head to the NGV on Friday nights.


Go looney at Luna Park

Let your inner child take charge and run wild in one of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks! Eat your weight in cotton candy, do a little romancing on the ferris wheel, or impress your date by winning a carnival game or two. Luna Park offers up a unique dating experience that’s hard to beat.  


Set the par higher

Brought to you by the same team behind Strike Bowling, Holey Moley is one of the latest fixtures to hit the Melbourne bar scene. As you can probably tell by their brilliantly punny name, this bar offers cocktails with a side of mini golf. That’s right, this means you and your date can drink and putt at the same time!


Go nuts over Doughnuts

It’s safe to say that OTT donuts are so on trend right now. So, why not make a date that revolves around them? Hit up Shortstop in Sutherland St for your pick of donut perfection, from their classic raised donuts to their amazingly crispy crullers! Or even better, do a donut tasting across Melbourne by hitting up other spots like Doughboy Doughnuts and Doughnut Time.


There you have it, next time you find yourself stuck on date ideas, try any one of the above for some memorable dating fun!

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