9 Times Indian Dating Differs from the Rest of the World

1. Absolutely NO one night stands

Probably the biggest no-no EVER.

2. Having to give your parents a detailed itinerary of your night and not breaking a few basic rules

Or else…

3. Eating with your hands on the first date is completely acceptable

Chapatis, biryani, naan, aloo gobi and tandoori all taste better when eaten with your hands. Yes, this is scientific.

4. Dates = Movies


From Hollywood to Bollywood, any movie will do!

5. The soundtrack of your date will evolve from Drake to Bhangra and back again


Everyone likes a bit of variety right?

6. Your friends and family are involved 100% of the time

giphy (1).gif

And if they don’t approve, you have no chance.

7. But when they do, you know they’ve got your back


No matter what.

8. You’ll definitely be shy at first


Because honestly, who isn’t?

9. But you’ll always be dreaming of that perfect Bollywood ending

And you know one day you’ll find the Rahul to your Anjali.

But why not speed up the process with Jodi?

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