Yes you! The creators, the dreamers, the seekers, and the believers. You, the one’s who are open to endless possibilities, in life and in love. The ones that have had the world open up to them before having the chance to become close-minded to other opinions and experiences.  

The one’s who don’t believe in caste systems but see the beauty in keeping traditions alive. You want to see a world united by love and not divided by hate. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist or Christians, you know that religion matters less than who a person really is outside of them.  

The ones that find lessons where there are no books or teachers. You are the renegades. You know it’s your duty to ensure that your culture lives on and thrives, but you’ve outgrown the rules of generations past.    

Where they may have seen cultural degradation, you see promise. You see hope. You value chemistry over cultural similarities. You want to share your life more than your religion. 

You are the trailblazers. Leading the pack to a new way of thinking. A new state of mind where meeting and dating people becomes fun and freeing. You are the start of something amazing.  


You are #genjodi.

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